We’re delighted to welcome you as a new exhibitor at the world’s largest book and media fair. And we’d like to help you discover the unimagined possibilities of the fair – so you can put them to work for you and your business idea.

Set goals and make clear plans – to ensure that your time at the fair is a success
We offer a wide range of options to support participants at the fair – especially those joining us in Frankfurt for the first time. We help you prepare for the fair and offer many services to facilitate networking in the publishing industry.
It’s especially important to carefully consider what it is you’d like to achieve at the fair. What will make you say: “The fair was a success for me!”? Do you want to increase awareness of your products amongst a specific audience, are you interested in finding international partners for collaboration or do you want to use the fair above all to suss out the competition? You should develop a strategy based on your particular priorities.


The following three measures are essential to your success at the fair: authentic networking, clever marketing and optimal presentation of your stand. By intelligently combining these three elements, you’ll ensure that your time at the Book Fair is a success. Find out more about these three areas:

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There’s always a first time. Many exhibitors still vividly remember their first Book Fair; for many, it paved the way for their success. We would like to introduce you to two individuals who participated as exhibitors at the Frankfurt Book Fair for the first time in 2015 – and who are looking forward to being there again this autumn. And, with Chakall, we’d like to present someone whose career only really took off thanks to the fair.

Oleg Rybalka’s children’s book publishing house Fountain of Fairy Tales doesn’t have a very long history yet. In 2015, through the Book Fair’s Invitation Programme, the publisher from Ukraine came to Frankfurt for the first time. This year, he has booked his own stand.

Oleg Rybalka 58393

Oleg says:
„At the Fair, I was able to gain knowledge and business contacts. Without international fairs it is impossible to sell rights anywhere. Although it took a little while for the first deals to come in after the fair in October, the experience in Frankfurt has helped us grow and develop our international rights market further.“

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This start-up from the United States is working on developing a special search engine for researchers. After its debut at the Book Fair in 2015, Yewno joins us once again this year.

Ruth Pickering.jpg

Ruth says:
„So one reason we are coming to the Frankfurt Book Fair is because it is a great opportunity for us to meet up with many, many different publishers under one roof. We were there last year and met up with 35 publishers, many of who are now included in the product. We want to engage and collaborate with as many more as we can.“

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Chakall – whose real name is Eduardo Andrés Lopez – is a chef, restaurant owner, TV entertainer and cookbook author. He participated in the Book Fair for the first time in 2007. He says that the fair helped his career tremendously.

Fernsehkoch Chakall 2015 53975

Chakall says:
„[...]I can say in all honesty that the Book Fair has changed my life. After publishing my first book in Portugal, I was invited to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair. That was in back in 2007 and I knew nothing about the Fair. I was told I’d receive a prize at the Gourmet Gallery. When I arrived, there was a Spanish publisher that wanted to distribute my book in Spanish, and then came a publisher from Brazil. As a result of the attention generated by my books, I had the opportunity to appear in “Lanz kocht” (Lanz Cooks) on the German TV channel ZDF. In 2010, I presented my first German cookbook “Chakall kocht” (Chakall Cooks) at the DK stand – that’s my publisher in Germany. Later I got my own TV show on ZDFneo, together with Tarik Rose und Frank Buchholz.“

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