Trade visitors – Participate from day one


Join us in 2018 and explore new developments in the book trade. Starting in early summer, we will provide all relevant information on trade visitor tickets here.

You are a trade visitor, if you

  • are involved professionally in the development, production, marketing or communication of print and electronic media or the arts
  • work in the education sector
  • are a student (all fields of study)
  • are author

Registration as a trade visitor

In our customer portal "My Book Fair" you can re-register in a few simple steps.

Important: After entering your details you should receive an e-mail from us containing a link. You must click on this to activate your profile. This lets us check the validity of the e-mail address you used for your registration. Once you have successfully completed the process, you can buy your trade visitor ticket online and print it out at your own convenience.

If you have registered last year, you can use your profile again for this year's Frankfurter Buchmesse.
However, for data protection reasons and to ensure the validity of the saved data, we will ask you to check and validate your information. Afterwards you will be able to use our services.

After a successful log-in you can purchase trade visitor tickets or exchange your trade visitor voucher for a personalised ticket. In order to use these services you will be asked to enter information about your profession (trade field, market segment, field activity) to prove your eligibility as a trade visitor.

Information for the press

Are you a journalist or blogger and want to cover the Frankfurt Book Fair?
You can find all the information concerning your registration and accreditation under Press.

Any questions?

+49 (0) 69 2102-0



Exhibitors will be able to order vouchers for their colleagues and customers. The advantage for you is that we’ll only charge you after the Book Fair for the vouchers that are actually used. Vouchers for trade visitors must be exchanged for personalised tickets online or at the exchange terminals at the exhibition site. Vouchers for private visitors do not have to be registered, and may be used directly as entry tickets.

Order forms for exhibitors can be found in the Service Set - and can be downloaded online.

How to use your ticket voucher

Vouchers for trade visitor tickets must be exchanged for personalised trade visitor tickets prior to admission.

Here's how to do it:

  • Register as a trade visitor on the Book Fair website, free-of-charge: You can only get your ticket once you are registered online in our customer portal "My Book Fair"
  • Use your voucher: Log on to our customer portal. Klick "Trade in Voucher", enter the voucher code and the requested information about your profession. Then you can obtain your personalised entrance ticket.
  • Print out the ticket: You can print it from your own computer, then use it for admission to the Fair.

You can also exchange the voucher at the Book Fair itself, using the terminal installed for this purpose. However, we recommend that you use the online system described here as it saves time.

Important information:

  • The name of the registered individual is on the entrance ticket. Subsequent changes to this are not possible.
  • Third parties for whom you wish to use trade visitor ticket vouchers must also be registered online on "My Book Fair".
  • Private visitor vouchers cannot be used online; they are already valid for admission.